Psychic Medium Nicci Eloise

I am an Intuitive Psychic Medium.

Prior to developing my spiritual connection I have always had the ability and inner knowing, whether that be receiving messages by loved ones in dream state, smelling unusual cooking smells or perfume in the family home or visually seeing past over loved ones. I have always received higher guidance and premonitions into what the future holds as a child.

I am able to predict many future events as a psychic medium and I also have an open channel with the spirit world. I do not require the use of tarot cards, although sometimes I will use them as a tool along with the messages, directly from my guides and loved ones who have crossed over in a session.

Quite often I will name loved ones who come through in a reading and I am also able to feel the way someone has passed, whether that be from an accident or cancer, I physically feel the way in which a loved one has passed and am then  able to identify who is coming through. I will be shown numbers and dates, (whether that be a birthday or date of passing) months terminally ill or by mentioning the names of loved ones here in the physical.

The connection I receive does not alter, whether my client is sitting in on a session or on a  zoom/video/ regular phone call. I have a very strong connection with spirit and take the time with each client ensuring I am able to offer guidance and connection with loved ones who have passed over. I am also able to identify underlying health issues with my clients and may often urge them to have medical advice all by receiving important messages from their passed loved ones.

Nicci has a plethora of loyal fans including celebrities, having recently connected with Australian Film Actor Ellie Gonsalves, Hollywood actress and Victoria’s Secret model Anna Kulinova and Married At First Sight star Jessika Power:
Ellie Gonsalves, Australian Film Actor

Ellie Gonsalves

Australian Film Actor

Nicci connected Ellie Gonsalves with her deceased father. Ellie was absolutely blown away by her ability to describe what items she had of her fathers and certain memories that would be significant to her.

“I’m so mind blown and if anybody is looking for an experience, she’s going to change your life, this was just an amazing...”, said Gonsalves.

Anna Kulinova Hollywood actress, Victoria’s Secret model

Anna Kulinova

Hollywood actress, Victoria’s Secret model

Anna Kulinova speaks highly of Eloise as a gifted medium and reader.

“I just had a reading with the most amazing psychic Nicci. She came up with all the names in my life I was shocked but most of all she knew my dad who had passed”, said Kulinova.

Jessika Power Australian reality TV star

Jessika Power

Australian Reality TV Star

Nicci connected Jessika Power with her deceased ex-boyfriend and family members. Nicci was even able to locate how and where they died as well as knowing of personal possessions that Jessika had kept from her ex-boyfriend.

“It was just crazy the things she knew, it just shocked me…. how do you know ages dates and even in detail what happened and even our favourite song when I used to play him music. I was so emotional after the reading. She could describe even his funeral and the week that he was in an induced coma little bits and pieces you can’t get online”, said Power.