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It’s no coincidence you have been guided to this page. Every reading I do means that the universe has brought us together for a reason. Timing is everything!

Questions may be flickering through your mind….. Have I Come to the right place? Do I really need a reading? What if I am told someone’s going to die or something really bad? This gives me anxiety…. I just really want to know who my future partner is ? If I will ever get married? Will I have children? Will I ever have my very own house? What is the outcome going to be with this court case? Am I going to get the new job I have applied for? Is this my forever partner? The list goes on...

Reasons why this is for you...
You should not ever be discouraged to have a reading. A good reader should always direct the reading. If you have ever had a reading where you are the one asking questions from the get-go then you are in the wrong place with the wrong psychic. A reading should be liberating and motivating!

So how does a reading begin with me?
Firstly, I don’t even need to see you. That's right I have all Claire senses which means whether you are sitting on the phone to me on the other side of the world. Laying in bed at midnight. I can still pick up on your passed over loved ones. Yes, they come through no matter where you are.

A question I often get asked is:
“Will the reading be good if I am only on the phone? Don’t you need to physically see me?” The answer is no. Maybe for some readers yes but I am so gifted that it makes no difference and to be honest I am actually better via a phone call...  As I see visions in my third eye, much like little movie snippets or movie trailers, that’s the best way I can explain it. So when I often do a reading face to face it is like someone’s head is in the way of the tv when you are trying to watch your favourite film.

For a reading to begin all I need is your full name and date of birth. I will call on your loved ones who have crossed and any friends who have passed to come through only of the highest good. I will then feel, a male or female present, and then as the reading begins I will get a clear picture of whether it is a grandparent, parent, child, cousin, sibling, aunt, uncle or friend. They will let me know who they are and the way they have passed and the reading will commence. I will be sitting at my desk with a white piece of paper looking at a white wall. The images are much easier for e to see when I am looking at a blank canvas. I have the ability to hear, see, feel and know which means, the whole entire reading is guided by your loved ones, my guides, and only good energy.

Will your family always come through?
Yes and No….. It is like calling a mobile phone and hoping they pick up, but 99 percent of the time yes! I mean being on the other side of heaven is like a world very much like ours. This only happens on a very rare occasion, although for me imagine ten family members talking down a phone line all at once. That is what it is like for me. I have to pull each one close to me like a magnet and allow them to connect with me and relay the messages necessary. As I begin to read into your energy I will feel and be shown what is going on in your current life. So yes I get the feeling of sadness, depression, anger, happiness love etc.

Your reading is one hundred percent secure, meaning you can talk openly with me in a trusted environment. My best interest is you and your highest good. I will not judge in any way and I can direct you regarding any concerns you have. I will invite you to have a piece of paper and a pen ready prior to the reading commencing and I will often advise you to record the reading either with a laptop, iPad or by using a call recorder app on your phone.

It is important for me as a reader that I eat well, drink lots of water and have a good night's sleep as I am having to raise my vibration and your loved ones are having to lower their vibration to meet me in the middle. That is how the terminology Medium came, about as I am meeting them halfway in the middle.

Please book in below, I look forward to connecting with you...